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Alice thoughts illuminated by Dr.Amanda Howell.  

Alien Alice Hobbies and Interests: More than anything, I am a sports enthusiast! I like to keep in action. Favorite sports include running, high-jumping, and wrestling. My big brother Buster and I wrestle a lot, even though he is in a different weight class from me. . . and I win!
I confess that I am the competitive type.
Alice n Buster Why play if you aren't going to win?
I especially like interactive games like "Chase the Cat", "Shanghai the Cat", and--my personal favorite--"Cat Tipping". I find that speed and surprise are the key to these games, rather than size. "Attack the Sleeping Human's Feet" is another fun game (although it tends to make the humans--those usually genial and slow-moving creatures--a bit cranky).
Alice on Door The importance of cleanliness:
But because (figuratively speaking) I am a well-rounded young lady of the feline persuasion, there is more to life than just sports. I am, of course, dedicated to personal hygiene, both my own and others. Daytime hours are devoted to my own ablutions, but I find that the best time to clean my Human's toes and eyebrows is when they are relaxed. . .so the middle of the night when they are sleeping is best, although the window of opportunity is somewhat limited. Once they wake up, you'll have to wait a bit for them to fall back asleep before you start again. (The best observation area is above floor level in order to lull them into complacencey.)
As in so many things in life worth doing, patience and persistence are key.
Alice Tongue The aesthetics of interior decor:
I also have a strong aesthetic sense and am committed to realizing my vision for interior decor: desks and tables should be cleared of ALL pens and pencils and other small, droppable items. These are best kept on the floor where they can be used for another sport, "Found Object Soccer". Sports and interior decor are also combined with wall climbing, which affords opportunities for re-arranging pictures and framed objects. Nothing is more dreary than a picture hung straight! I much prefer to see them all at jaunty angles.
Funky Alice Goals and Objectives:
In all of these activities I combine my own amusement while working toward my number one goal in life (aside from having fun): CEO of Alice's Universe. Some executives swear by delegation, but not me! I am a micro-manager at heart. There is no detail of everyday life too small for me to ignore: from the work of computer drones (who sometimes benefit from a firm paw on the keyboard), to the activities of food service workers (I find that, by posting myself in front of the microwave, I can keep a sharp eye on all food-related activities - and I also make sure that I test the quality of Buster's food and water on a regular basis), to cleaning and tidying (how can these humans change their linens or make their beds without me?) I am there. I see all. They bow to my will. Because I am Alice.